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let's see how to apply the animation created by Adobe After Effects, to RN(React Native) project.


recently, many people use Microinteractions to make the app animations. in this blog, we will see how to apply the animation created by Adobe After Effects, to RN(React Native) project by using Airbnb’s lottie library.


execute below command to install lottie-react-native library to use lottie library on RN(React Native).

npm install --save lottie-react-native

after installing lottie-react-native to use lottie on RN(React Native), link the library to follow OS specific instruction.


execute below command to link lottie-react-native library to RN(React Native) for using lottie on iOS.

react-native link lottie-ios
react-native link lottie-react-native

and open ios/[project_name].xcodeproj or ios/[project_name].xcworkspace file to execute xcode. and then configure additional settings like below.

lottie ios additional setting

  1. select the project name on left side menu.
  2. select the project name on TARGETS
  3. select General on the top of the screen.
  4. scroll down and you can see Embedded Binaries section. click + button and search Lottie.framework. select ios and add.

lottie ios framework additional settings


if you did above iOS procedure, you don’t need to do anything to connect lottie library for Android. when below command was executed, Android was connected to lottie-react-native.

react-native link lottie-react-native

How TO Use

we need Adobe After Effects animation file to use lottie on RN(React Native). we won’t talk about how to make lottie animation file by Adobe After Effects in this blog. if you want to know how to make lottie animation file by Adobe After Effects, see below link.

or click below link to search the Microinteractions what you need.

the animation file by Adobe After Effects or you downloaded is json file type.

below code is how to use lottie on RN(React Native) project for applying Microinteractions

import LottieView from 'lottie-react-native';
export default class BasicExample extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return (

Animation File with Images

when you create the animation using Adobe After Effects, sometimes, you need to export the animation file that includes images.

if you export the animation file that includes images, you can see data.json like below.

// data.json
  "assets": [
      "id": "image_0",
      "w": 588,
      "h": 792,
      "u": "images/",
      "p": "main_character.png",
      "e": 0

we need to add images in the animation file to the native platforms.


execute xcode to select ios/[project name].xcworkspace(or ios/xcodeproj) in RN(React Native) project.

lottie ios add images

right click Resources folder below the project name on left side menu, and select Add Files to [project name]

lottie ios add images - select file

select image files what you want to add, select Copy items if needed options on below and add.

if you can’t see Resources folder, right click the project name on left side menu, and select New Group without Folder. after adding the group, rename it to Resources.

lottie ios add images - resources add group


Android is more simple than iOS. create the folder that you copy images on android/app/src/main/assets in RN(React Native) project. in here, I created images folder. and then, copy images to that folder(android/app/src/main/assets/images).

after copying, modify the source code adding imageAssetsFolder={'images'} like below.


Git Repository

we created git repository about how to use Lottie in this case. you can click the link below to check the example.

Fix Error

I’ve used react-native-lottie well after implementing on RN(React Native), but after installing another library, when I built my RN(React Native) project, I got the error like below.

Build system information

error: Cycle in dependencies between targets 'LottieLibraryIOS' and 'LottieReactNative'; building could produce unreliable results.
Cycle path: LottieLibraryIOS → LottieReactNative → LottieLibraryIOS
Cycle details:

I deleted Pods folder and node_modules folder, and installed again, but the error was still occured.

below is how to fix the error in my case. if you have same issue as I have, try to do below.

execute ios/[project_name].xcworkspace file in RN(React Native) project to open xcode.

lottie fix build error

after executing xcode, click File > Workspace Settings... like above.

lottie fix build error: change build system

change the Build System to Legacy Build System from New Build System (Default).

in my case, after changing the Build System, I can build successfully. I hope this way is helpful to you.

Android Build Error

when you build on Android, sometimes, you can see the error like below.

Execution failed for task ':app:transformClassesWithDexBuilderForDevDebug'.

in this case, I modified android/app/build.gradle file in RN(React Native) project like below.

    configurations.all {
        resolutionStrategy {
            force ''


we’ve done to use lottie on RN(React Native) to show Microinteractions. it’s quite simple, isn’t it? I think it’s more difficult to make the animation than applying it by lottie. I don’t know how to use After Effects, so I use site. I recommend for you to use lottie to use Microinteractions on you project.


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